Cloaked actors.

The Cloak is an ability some units have. Cloaked units can not be seen by an enemy. The owner of a cloaked unit sees it as transparent.

Units lose their cloak while in the detection range of cloak detector units or while firing. Hijackers also lose their cloak while moving.

Ground-attacking base defenses and radar domes can detect cloaked units (except submarines) but radar domes and tesla coils should not be powered down to do so.

Types Edit

There are 3 types of cloak. There is no visual difference between cloak types, but what can detect them varies.

  • Hijacker: Can be detected by both normal cloak detectors and all infantry.
  • Submarine: Can only be detected by other submarines, gunboats, destroyers, or a sonar pulse.
  • Other: Can only be detected by normal cloak detectors.