One crate on water and one on land.


A badger dropping a crate.

The Crate is an actor randomly dropped on maps by badgers if its corresponding map option is enabled. Crates can be collected with any unit. Usually they grant gifts, but occasionally they contain traps that can kill the collecting unit or shroud the map.

Bonuses Edit

The bonuses that a crate may contain and the chances to get them are as follows:

Not all possibilities are always available. This increases the chance of the others to appear from the crate:

  • An elite or unarmed unit can't get veterancy.
  • Units are only given to factions that can normally build them and when they can build them, but the production structure requirement is ignored. For instance, Soviets will never get a medium tank, and Allies may get one when they have a service depot, whether they have a war factory or not.
  • As all crate units are land units, they can't come out of water crates.

If a player lacks an MCV or a construction yard, there is a 100/289 chance that crate will contain MCV of their faction.