Fake structures are structures that look similar to regular structures, but are in fact fake decoys. Only France can produce fake structures. They are meant to confuse the enemy.

Available Fake Structures Edit

Not all structures has a fake version. Structures that have fake versions are following:

There is also a fake Submarine Pen in the codes. But it is not available in a normal game, only if the "Build Everything" Cheat is enabled.

Health Bar Edit

Fake structures look like they have the same health as their real counterparts. But a fake structure self-destructs when its health falls to 70% (or 50% for fake Chronosphere and Missile Silo). So practically they only have 30% (or 50% for fake Chronosphere and Missile Silo) health of their real counterpart.

Infiltration Edit

Fake structures which their normal versions are infilratable by a Spy are also infiltratable. When a Fake building is infiltrated, infiltrator also sees the FAKE tag on the building when selected.